About US

Sunbelt Custom Rod began in 2003 with the task of producing an answer to the Iconic 32 Ford High Boy Roadster. The idea was – With All “Deuce Respect”, Let’s welcome a new player. The player was the Don Davis designed 1927 T Roadster, dubbed The T Rod.  Longer, narrower and lower than most on the market, The T rod was born in NHRA’s Super Gas racing category. Our prototype is here on the site. The Don Davis design was superb and had a truly performance heritage.  

All that said, the element of practicality was lacking. No Doors (like a T Bucket) was an issue. The narrow cockpit was an issue.  Beautiful as it was, the opportunities met limitations.   

Fast Forward to Now. Sunbelt Custom Rod postures to be Your builder for Your car. Simple as that. The idea is – Have it your way,participate in the process to the degree you prefer, with our direction and management. Russ Nomore Street Rods is the capable source for your chassis and body. They package the necessary elements in a proven equation. We take delivery of your components and assemble it your way. Therefore, you wind up with what you wanted; at a price you can afford. 

We welcome your ideas and take your project seriously.  Did I mention we’re a family organization? Everybody Wins.  Collaboration with the manufacturer is the key to our efficient approach. We take pride in our work and look forward to working with you.